“Cabaret” offers you the chance to be part of the unique world of the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  High-class choreographies combined with beautiful and exhilarating costumes abduct the audience into a colorful, exciting and fascinating world of cabaret and burlesque shows. Elements of the show are not just typical choreographies from the Moulin Rouge, but also innovative and new parts based on the movies “Burlesque”, “Chicago” and “Moulin Rouge”.

High-class, exciting as well as seductive and funny – these moments will certainly be memorable.

Songs and Dances: Money makes the world go round, Diamonds are a girls best friend, Can Can, You can leave your head on, New York New York, Lady Marmalade, Marilyn Monroe, Burlesque, Samba, Tango the Roxanne, and many more.

Duration: approx. 1,5 hours or 45 Minutes | Participating artists: 4


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